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Letter requesting inability to pay

Letter requesting inability to pay  The following letter from a regular and reliable customer makes a quite reasonable request and a supplier refusing it would run the risk of driving his customer away. Resenting his supplier’s refusal, the customer might pay the £50 owing and then start buying from a competitor. The supplier would gain his £50, but in the process may well lose many valuable future orders.

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Letter Requesting Payment

Letter Requesting Payment   TONE OF REQUEST Whatever the cause of a customer’s failure to pay promptly, it is always annoying to the supplier, but no suggestion of annoyance must be allowed to creep into any of the letters he writes. It may be better in most cases not to write at all and, instead, to call on the customer if this is possible, or to phone him, and tactfully persuade him to make at least a part payment on account. In difficult cases it may even be good policy to cut losses’ and accept a part payment in full...

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Customer requests time to pay

Customer requests time to pay 8th August 2010 Dear Sirs We have received your letter of 6th August, reminding us that payment of the amount owing on your June statement is overdue. We were under the impression that payment was not due until the end of this month, when we would have had no difficulty in settling our account. It would seem, however, that we misunderstood your terms of payment and in the circumstances should be grateful if you could allow us to defer payment for a further three weeks. Our present difficulty is purely temporary. Before the end of...

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Salary Increase Letter

Salary Increase Letter From: Nick Smith 145 Highbury Park London To: Mr. James Webb General Manager Nicole Hardware London, AR 2045 September 14, 2008 Ref: Request For Salary Increase Dear Mr James Webb, I would like to ask for a salary increase.  I was in the company for about three years now as regular relationship officer. I am only receiving minimum wage fare now. For so many times I have requested for salary increase but there is no any respond form your company. This increment can help a lot to facilitate and aid in the expenses of my family and furthermore...

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Request for forwarding instructions

Request for forwarding Dear Sirs We are pleased to confirm that the twelve “Universal” typewriters you ordered on 15th October are now ready for dispatch. When placing your order you stressed the importance of prompt delivery and I am glad to say that by making a special effort we have been able to improve by a few days on the delivery date agreed upon. We now await your shipping instructions and immediately we receive them will send you our advice of dispatch. Yours faithfully Thomas Lund  

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Scholarship Request Letter

Scholarship Request Letter   March 10, 2010 Dr Michael Lund Head Director Abord Economy  School Leeds, UK Dear Dr. Michael Lund: I am Nick Smith, 25 years old and a faculty member of your Economy Department.  I will not be able to continue my graduate studies because of financial constraint since my family financial needs continue to grow. In this case, I would like to request your good office for financial support so that I am able to continue of studying in my graduate studies for my career advancement and to improve my management skills. I am willing to have...

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Foreign buyer’s request for quotation

Foreign buyer’s request for quotation The following is another good example of a satisfactory letter of enquiry, this time from a foreign importer. Foreign buyer’s request for quotation 15th June 2010 Dear Sir We have recently received a number of requests for your light—weight raincoats and have good reason to believe that * could place regular orders with you provided your prices are competitive. From the description in your catalogue we feel that your “Aquatite” range is the one most suitable for these parts and should be glad if you would send us your quotation for men’s and women’s coats,...

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Request for quotation for crockery

Request for quotation for crockery The following is another example of a satisfactory request for a quotation. It states exactly what is wanted and covers the important points of discounts, packing delivery and terms of payment. Request for quotation for crockery 18th April 2010 Dear Sirs You have previously supplied us with crockery and we should be glad if you would now quote for the items named below, manufactured by the Ridgway Pottery Co of Hanley. The pattern we require is listed in your 19. catalogue as “No 59 Conway Spot (Green)”. 300 Teacups and Saucers 300 Tea Plates 40...