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Confirmation letter of telephone offer 0

Confirmation letter of telephone offer

Confirmation letter of telephone offer   4th July 2010 Dear Sirs, Confirming our telephone conversation this morning, we can offer you the consignment of 160 kg of strawberries, which arrived by ar from the Channel Islands shortly before I spoke to your Mr Reinhartz, at the special low price of 4O p per kg, f.or. Liverpool Bridge. Quality is quite equal to that of earlier consignments and the fruit is attractively packed in panniers of kg ready for sale in the shops. We would send the consignment by passenger train and it should reach you in perfect condition. We cannot...

confirmation of cabled quotation 0

Confirmation of cabled quotation

Confirmation of cabled quotation   6th July 2010 Dear Sir We were very pleased to receive your enquiry of 2nd July and now confirm our cabled offer of this morning, as follows: “Two hundred and fifty—six pounds per thirty—six metre piece f.o.b. Manchester”. We must stress that this offer is firm for three days only because of the heavy demand for the limited supplies of this velvet in stock. The material is of the very finest quality and we can assure you that so far as quality goes you have nothing at all to fear from the similar materials of...