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Sample Get Well Letter

Sample Get Well Letter   (Your Address Goes Here) Date: <Recipient Address Goes Here> We were all surprised to hear you had suddenly taken ill; you have always been so healthy. We understand that you are in good hands now, so we have confidence in your speedy recovery. Don’t give work second thought. You have a lot of good friends who are taking up the slack. Your job now is to get well. Best wishes from all of us. Regards, (Your Name) encl: <List of enclosed items goes here>

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Condolences Acknowledgments

Condolence acknowledgments – You will naturally wish to acknowledge letters of the kind illustrated in this section. Like the letters themselves, acknowledgments need only be short, but they must show that you are genuinely moved by the warm and convincing expressions of sympathy you have received. To relatives and close friends acknowledgment should be made to each one personally, but in other cases, especially when letters received are numerous, it will often be sufficient to have prepared a printed acknowledgment in general terms, similar to the following.

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Letter of condolence to a friend

Letter of condolence to a friend Dear Henry, I feel it is almost an intrusion to write to you at a time like this, but I must tell you how deeply sorry we were at the news of Margaret’s passing? She was a very dear friend and we shall greatly miss her cheerful outlook on life, her generous nature and her warmth of feeling for anyone in need of help, but above all we shall miss her for her wonderful sense of fun. Tom and I send you our love and our assurance of devoted friendship — now and always....

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Official Condolonce Letter

  Official Condolence Letter Dear Mr Dawson, I was deeply sorry to learn of Mr Mayson’s death. Coming as it did so soon after receiving your greetings card, bearing his well—known signature, the news shocked me. I well remember his love for his dog, and the sense of pride with which he always occupied the chair presented by Pitfield’s to his father and, too, his sense of fun — as when he framed a $ 10 note won from his staff in some sort of wager. These all go to show the kind of human person he was. To deal...

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Condolence And Sympathy Letters

Condolence And Sympathy Letters: Letters of condolence are among the most difficult of all letters to write. There can be no set pattern since so much depends on the writer’s relationship with the person he is writing to and how well he knows him. Nevertheless, it is safe to say that such letters should usually be short and written with restraint, for this is no time to engage in many words. The important thing is to write promptly and with sincerity. Letters of this kind should not be typed but handwritten throughout to show the writer’s special consideration for his...