Cancellation Letter Sample

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Cancellation Letter Sample



James Williams


ELT School

Boston – 40089


Stephen Dalmat


Al Azhar School

Boston – 75234

I would like to inform you that I decide to cancel my trip to your school next week where I am going to to give a lectures to your students.The school has recently notified me that I will be attending an annual schools committee meeting  next week. as result I can not visit on the date of my scheduled to your school. I made it a point to write you immediately after I found out so that you may make the necessary changes due to my cancellation.

I am still very interested in visiting your school to do the series of lectures as we have agreed upon. If it is possible, I will make myself available for your schedule when I return from the annual schools committee meeting. Please inform me immediately of your decision so that I may fix my schedule before I leave for the conference.

Thank you and my apologies.


Mr. James Williams

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