Business Letter Writing

Business Letter Writing

Business Letter Writing

Business letter writing is the principle means used by a business firm to keep in touch with its customers; often enough it is the only tone and customer form their impression of the firm the tone and quality of letters it send out.  Good-quality paper and an attractive letter head play their part in this, but they are less important than the message they carry, Business letter writing does not call for the elegance language of the poet, But it does require us to express ourselves accurately in plain language. that is clear and readily understood.

Writing plainly does not mean that letters must be confined to mere a recital of facts. in a style that is dull and unattractive, when we write a letter we enter into a personal relationship with our reader. Like us he or she has feelings and we can not afford to disregards them. This is a necessary reminder because many people who are warm and friendly by nature become persons of quite another sort when they sit down to write a business letter.

The whole secret of good business letter writing is to write simply, in an easy and natural way – like one friendly human being talking to another. make your letters, then, sound as much as possible like good conversation. You would not say on the phone it is regretted that the goods can not be delivered today. You would say I am sorry we can not deliver the goods today.

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