Business Email Writing

business email writing Business Email Writing

In business world e-mail is an important part of modern communication devices for executives, entrepreneurs who are working behind a computer. The presence of e-mail is very important to launch a job or is associated with the client. But due to its fast and easy often people forget the etiquette in sending e-mail especially business e-mail that is related to work.

In fact, the message you wrote in an e-mail to business associates, clients, even your boss, must be different from the messages you send to your friends.

Here are seven success tips that you can write an e-mail with a professional impression

Tip I

Getting started with greetings

It is very important for you always to get started with with greeting, for example: “Dear Lillian,” it is depends on your relations ship with your clients. If you send an email to a company so you have to write”  To Whom It May Concern:”

Tip II

Don’t ever forget to fill in Your e-mail headers. (in the Subject line).

Anyone can receive dozens of emails every day or even every hour. Writing directly to the intended recipient making direct attention to your email and open it.


Make your e-mail a short and concise.

Try directly to mail your purposes. try to indicate and include a request response if you are expecting a response from him or her. Read again the contents of your e-mail to avoid mistakes such as actual information need not be expressed or things that don’t matter.

Tip IV

Try to permission when forwarding another person’s correspondence.

If you feel confident another person would not mind to forward their e-mail to someone else. firstly check properly so that they will trust you.

Tip  V

Use good punctuation and capital letters. 

You do not need to use a capital letter in the entire contents of Your e-mail message or punctuation such as:  comma, question mark or exclamation mark, if it is not needed when you write it because sometimes it is very difficult to read and even it could change its meaning.

Tip VI

Always check email before sending!

Check for spelling, edit wrong sentences and delete unnecessary text unless they are relevant to the conversation.

Tips VII

Wait a moment until your message could be sent to e-mail address

Sending e-mail at wrong time could be embarrassing and violating at risk.

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