Addressing a Business Letter to a Company

example for addressing a business letter to a companyAddressing a Business Letter to a Company

Your Name (Optional)

Your Address Line 1
Your Address Line 2
Your Phone
Your Email


Name of Contact Person at Company

Title (if you know it)

Company/Business Name
Company Address Line 1
Company Address Line 2
Company Phone
Company Email
(personal address for contact person, not company’s website/main email account)

Dear FULL Name of Contact Person:


  • State position you are applying for or your objective
  • Explain how you found the position: Mention the source where you obtained the job posting (Wingate University  Career Gate, Career, etc.) or the name of the person who referred you to the position

Paragraph 2: Detail Qualifications (could take 2 paragraphs)

  • Begin with a sentence that summarizes what has prepared you for the position; such as, “My education and experience have prepared me…”
  • Describe your qualifications filtered through the job description. Discuss a certain experience, project, event, etc. that is not listed in your resume, or if it is, maybe it’s just mentioned. Use the terminology “for example…”. Write about that experience in detail, story-like form, to show that you have experience/skills that match the description for the job you are applying for. Choose one experience/skill to be the theme of this paragraph, unless the experience could reveal two skills the description asks for and then you could just expand this paragraph to include that information.
    • Include S A R Method:
      • S– Situation –set the scene- what company/business the experience, project, event, etc. was for and the purpose for doing it
      • A– Action –what actual steps you took to accomplish that task and that will reveal skills that you have gained/strengthened by doing it
      • R– Result – the outcome, use numbers (if you have any)


  • Show you researched the company by explaining why you are attracted to the position/organization (you could mention something about an organization’s mission statement; a certain project/service that they offer that means something to you, etc.)
  • Explain how you will fit in: State why you will be a excellent team member to support their mission, service, etc.


  • Request an action from them- “I look forward to discussing my qualifications further in an interview” or “I look forward to hearing from you soon”
  • Thank the organization/person for their time and consideration


(sign your name only if you are mailing a hard copy)
Your Name (typed)

Addressing a Business Letter to a Company

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