Verification Letter

verification letter | employment verification letter | verification sample letterVerification Letter

Verification letter is written to confirm or verify the employment history to grant credit. They are commonly used when for applying bank loan or rent apartment.  This letter contains some information about the duration time of employee has been employed at this current company.

Verification letter Examples:

Daniel Smith

443 Paragon Avenue
Highland, MS 9981

Dear Mr. Smith

I am writing to convey that Luke Morgan is currently employed, as of July 16th, 2010, at Transindo Corporations, in Boston.

He has been working with us since March 17th, 2010. His responsibilities include maintaining bookkeeping and accounting records of clients or the company, creating and maintaining cash flow analysis. He has been a reliable worker and has never caused any issues that compromised his position.

If you have any further questions that I can answer, don’t hesitate to contact me at 334- 770-8890 between Monday to Friday.

Marcelo Esposito

General Manager, Transindo Corporations

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