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Writing a Multi-Paragraph Persuasive Business Letter

Your letter needs to be five short paragraphs in length.  Follow this  organizational pattern for Writing a Multi-Paragraph Persuasive Business Letter : First Paragraph:  Introduce yourself to your reader.  Say who you are, how  old you are, what school you attend.  Explain why you are writing. Tell your  reader that you have been studying poetry, and you would like to express your thoughts and talents.  Then state your position on  the style of poetry yo have chosen. (This last sentence is your thesis.) Second Paragraph: State your first major reason why your poem should be considered for publication.  Back up...

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Specific Guidelines for Writing a Business Letter

Business letter communication should be simple, direct, brief, and courteous. Specific Guidelines for Writing a Business Letter should conform to the following format: Heading: Type the sender’s address (but not the sender’s name) and the date single-spaced, six to ten line spaces from the top of the first page. Spell out street and city names and months in full. Abbreviate state names using standard postal abbreviations. Include the zip code. With letter head stationery, type the date one line spaces below the letterhead address. Inside address: Type the recipient’s address two to three line spaces below the heading. Include the...

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Sample Business Letter

Sample Business Letter   2987 Avenue street Mount Blanc, London 99800 25th July 2010 Mr. Andres Johnson The Grand Store 112 Mount Plaza Hamden Park, London 77988 Dear Sirs I am replying to your letter of 23rd July asking for immediate payment of the £425 due on your invoice No AV 54. When we wrote promising to pay you in full by the 15th of this month, we fully expected to be able to do so, but unfortunately we were called upon to meet an unforeseen and unusually heavy demand earlier this month. We are therefore enclosing a cheque for...