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Free Order Letter

Free Order Letter 3rd May 2010 Dear Sirs Thank you for your letter of 22nd April forwarding booklet with details of your range of wrist watches. We are very interested in the different types of watches you offer and have decided to place a trial order for the following, on the terms stated in your letter, but only if you can guarantee dispatch in time to reach us by the end of this month. 100 “Popular” Watches @ £12.75 each 100 “Regent” Watches @ £18.50 100 “Aristocrat” Watches @ £32.60 We place this order on the clear understanding that the...

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Sample Order Letter

Sample Order Letter To, Mr. Roberth Smith Highbury Road 134 London March 15th, 2010 Dear Sirs Confirming the order we placed with morning, we wish you to supply: 3 “Excelda Studio” Typewriters, in pale blue at the list price of £125 each, Less 40% trade discount. carriage forward. These machines are urgently required that you are arranging for immediate Yours faithfully Rebecca Midelton