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How to Write an Effective Cover Letter

How to Write an Effective Cover Letter ? A well-written cover letter establishes a connection between you, the applicant, and the recruiter by detailing the qualifications you have for a particular job.  It helps the reader navigate your resume, and “fleshes-out” your areas of expertise and experience.  Simply put, an effective cover letter can get you an interview through its narrative about your resume.  It directs the reader how to read your resume and, as such, is considered a directional document.  A detailed cover letter is an essential component of the job search, and can supplant the resume in importance...

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effective business letter example

An effective business letter example is just as important as an resume in your job search. A effective business letter example provides an opportunity for you to elaborate on your career objective, demonstrate your knowledge of the employer, further emphasize your special qualifications, and describe some of the unique or unusual personal qualities you bring to the position. Always send a effective business letter example with your resume. Like the resume, the cover letter should attract attention,stimulate interest, create desire, and generate action.  Consider the following principles when writing your letters. Personalize : Each letter needs to be addressed to a...