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Sample Cover Letter for Job Application

The aim of Sample Cover Letter for Job Application is to accurately address the job you are applying for, briefly listing the reasons why you are applying for the job, what attributes you have that would make you a good candidate, followed by a list of the relevant skills you have learnt during your study that would be useful in the job. Finally, you should list the benefits the company will gain from hiring you. <Date >   Dear Sir/Madam,   RE:  Enter the job you are applying for here e.g. Application for Survey Assistant e.g. I would like to apply...

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Simple cover letter

Simple cover letter March 20, 2010 Indo Corporindo Ltd 2222 Garden Venue 223 London Dear Mr. Smith: In response to your posting on Vaganza magazine. That is enclosed please find my resume that I am sending in hopes of obtaining the Marketing Manager position. (opening paragraph) My extensive managerial background includes over 4 years of helping businesses increase both their productivity.  I have implemented numerous marketing to increase operational activities. I am confident we would develop a mutually beneficial relationship. (body paragraph) If interested  this opportunity, please contact me at (0334) 557790. I look forward to hearing from you in...