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Specific Guidelines for Writing a Business Letter

Business letter communication should be simple, direct, brief, and courteous. Specific Guidelines for Writing a Business Letter should conform to the following format: Heading: Type the sender’s address (but not the sender’s name) and the date single-spaced, six to ten line spaces from the top of the first page. Spell out street and city names and months in full. Abbreviate state names using standard postal abbreviations. Include the zip code. With letter head stationery, type the date one line spaces below the letterhead address. Inside address: Type the recipient’s address two to three line spaces below the heading. Include the...

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job verification letter sample

The employment-verification letter need not be an original document with a wet signature. For example, it may be a printout of a PDF or a photocopy of a hand-signed original. The job verification letter sample must meet the following criteria : On the letterhead of the employer’s organization. Hand-signed by the person authorized by the organization to do so. Submitted in hard copy at the appointment. Include the full name of the authorized user (the applicant for the digital certificate). Dated no more than 30 days prior to the ID-proofing appointment. SAMPLE : (Date of Letter) To whom it may concern :...