Statements of account

Statements of account | sample statement account | accounting statementStatements of account

A statement is a summary of the transactions bet.
ween buyer and seller during the period it covers. It starts with
the balance, if any, owing at the beginning of the period, to
which are added the amounts of invoices and debit notes issued
and from which are deducted the amounts of any credit notes
issued to the buyer and any payments made by him. The closing
balance shows the amount owing at the date of the statement
which, unlike an invoice, is a demand for payment. Statements, like invoices, are frequently sent without a covering letter, but if a covering letter is sent it need only be very short and formal.

Seller sends statement of account

Dear Sirs

We are pleased to enclose our statement of account for all transactions during August. If payment is made within fourteen days you may deduct the customary cash discount of 2%.

Yours faithfully

Thomas Lund

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