Sample Letter Explaining Delayed Delivery Goods

Sample Letter Explaining Delayed Delivery Goods 

It is sometimes necessary to refuse a request, or to convey unwelcome news. When this is so, think of the reader and prepare the way for his disappointment by a suitable opening paragraph. Here is a sample Letter Explaining Delay in Delivery of Goods.

Artavanza Co Ltd

12 N – Highbury Hall
London – 400 010
Phone : 0112 – XXXXXXXX
Fax : 0112 – XXXXXXXX

To :

Mr. Michael Smith,
Cavanza Ltd,
9990 Highbury Park,
77765 London.

Dear Sir,

I am sorry we cannot send you immediately the goods and price list for which you ask in your letter of 13th March. Supplies are expected from the printers in two weeks’ time and as soon as we receive them we will send you a copy.

Yours faithfully,

David James

Logistic Manager


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