Sample customer complains to manager

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Sample customer complains to manager

The customer received no acknowledgment of this letter, nor was the recorder returned. After waiting for a further two weeks, frustrated and very angry, he decided to complain personally to the manager

1st September 2010

The Manager
Electronic Services Ltd

Dear Sir

Stereo Cassette Recorder, Model No 660

I am sorry to have to complain to you personally about delay in the return of this recorder sent in for repair on 28th June.
The facts are as follows:
On 5th July your service department acknowledged receipt of the recorder and of my letter dated 28th June asking for a quotation. Not having received the quotation I sent a reminder on 21st July and on 28th July received a Service Card (Ref: WE 69376) stating the charge for servicing to be £60.85. I returned the card on the following day with a cheque for this amount and asked for the servicing to be carried out and the recorder returned as a matter of urgency.

I heard nothing more until 16th August, when I received a printed form stating that the irk had been completed and asking for payment of the amount due. I replied the same day explaining that payment hid already been made, on 29th July.

I hope this makes the position clear and that you will now arrange for the immediate return of the recorder. As it is now two full months since I sent it in I am sure you will understand my concern that it has not vet been.

Yours Sincerely,

Thomas Smith

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