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To create an effective sample cover letter for job, use good document design and use the reader-centered approach to information design: put the bottom line up front, show how you will help the organization achieve its goals, explain how your experience matches the job requirements, move from general to specific information to back up your claims.

picture for sample cover letter for jobPlease note that sample cover letter for job is double-spaced for readability only. Professional documents are usually single-spaced.

Your introduction should discuss the following:
  •  Where you saw or heard about the position
  •  A brief background on the organization and its goals
  •  How your experience matches the position
  •  How you will help the organization achieve its goals
  •  Your objective: an interview
224 Happy Drive #8
Middletown, OH 12345
April 14, 2008
Mr. Robert Robertson
Director of Human Resources
Data Systems Design
600 DSD Lane
Raleigh, NC 12345
Dear Mr. Robertson:
While attending the computer science job fair at the University of Dayton on April 7, 2008, I met with Ms. Kathy Anderson from your networking and data transfer division. Ms. Anderson mentioned that Data Systems Design has an entry-level Application Programmer position open, and I would like to meet with you to discuss this opportunity further. For the past several years, I have followed the growth of Data Systems Design from a small privately owned company to a multinational corporation. Based on your aggressive growth in international markets, I believe my skills in programming and systems analysis can help your company succeed in these areas. Moreover, since you are planning to expand your operations in Asia, my fluency in Japanese and French will help you in this potentially lucrative market.
Body Paragraph 1
This paragraph should discuss the following:
  • More detail on company goals/mission  
  • More detail supporting your claim that you can help them achieve goals/mission  
  • Specific example based on information in resume  
  • How you will help the organization
After speaking with Ms. Anderson, I looked at your website. From your online information, it’s clear you are looking to compete in Asia in the networking and data transfer markets. Many companies in this part of the world are migrating information from legacy systems. As a second-semester senior at the University of Dayton, I will graduate in May with a B.S. degree in Computer
Science with a focus on Networking and Data Transfer Management. I believe my background closely matches the goals you outline on your website. In fact, in Computer Science 390, I led a group of students helping to design a new online database for the Dayton YMCA. This database looked the same to users, but used a much more powerful search engine. This experience will help Data Systems Design because many of your potential customers have similar needs: seamless data transfer, transparent user interface, and high-level security.
Body Paragraph 2
This paragraph should discuss the following:
  • More detail on position requirements
  • More detail supporting your claim that your experience fulfills these requirements
  • Specific example based on information in resume
  • How you will help the organization
Your website states that entry-level Application Programmers must have experience using VSAM. In addition, you state that applicants should have some real-world experience beyond the classroom. I have experience with VSAM, and I have real-world experience. During my internship with Dominick’s Food Stores, I used VSAM to develop a unique solution for accessing data in the company’s capital expenditure database. My effort helped the company to monitor and report capital expenses in a more timely and accurate manner. Additionally, my course work has included assignments where I worked with outside companies on real-world programming projects. Through my experiences, I have become very familiar in implementing all phases of the systems development process. My background will help Data Systems Design because you will not have to train me on your VSAM applications and development procedures.
Closing Paragraph
This paragraph should do the following:
  • Repeat your main objective: an interview
  • Provide contact information
  • Close the letter in a professional manner
  • Provide signature block
  • Provide enclosure information
Data Systems Design is a growing company with the potential to expand even further in Asian markets, and I would like to speak with you further about how my experience can help you increase your operations in countries such as Japan. I will be contacting your office next week, but if you have any questions, please call me at (xxx) xxx-xxxx or email me at I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you for reviewing my letter and my enclosed resume.
Xxxx Xxxxxxx
Enclosure (Resume)

The sample cover letter for job included in this guide illustrate a variety of styles and formats. All of the identifying information on the letters is fictitious.

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