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Sample Business Letter


2987 Avenue street
Mount Blanc, London 99800

25th July 2010

Mr. Andres Johnson
The Grand Store
112 Mount Plaza
Hamden Park, London 77988

Dear Sirs

I am replying to your letter of 23rd July asking for immediate payment of the £425 due on your invoice No AV 54.

When we wrote promising to pay you in full by the 15th of this month, we fully expected to be able to do so, but unfortunately we were called upon to meet an unforeseen and unusually heavy demand earlier this month.

We are therefore enclosing a cheque for £200 on account and ask you to be good enough to allow us a further few weeks in which to pay you the balance. We now have no special commitment outstanding and fully expect to be able to settle your account in full by the end of August. If you could grant the deferment we should be most grateful.

Yours faithfully

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