Sales Cover Letter

sales cover letter

Sales Cover Letter

Dear Madam

Why do thousands of people who normally’ suffer from the miseries of cold, damp, changeable weather wear Thernotex? The answer is simple. Tests all over the world, and particularly at the leading Textile Industries Department at Leeds University, have shown that of all conventional underwear fabrics Thermotex has the highest warmth insulating properties. The enclosed catalog is packed with scores of ways to keep you warm and healthy this coming winter. Just browse through it. Choose the garment you would like, and warmth and health are on your way.

Thermotex has been relieving aches and pains, particularly those caused by rheumatism, for many years. It not only brings extra warmth, hut also soothes those aches caused by icy winds knifing into your bones and chilling you to the marrow. It also absorbs far less moisture than conventional underwear fabrics, so that perspiration passes straight through the material, leaving your skin dry, but very, very warm. Don’t just take our word for it; take a good look at a few of the testimonials shown in the catalog. The demand for Thermotex garments has grown so much in recent years that we now often have to deal with over 20,000 orders in a single day.

Take a moment to fill in the enclosed order form. No need even for a postage stamp! If you are not satisfied when you receive your purchase, return it to us within fourteen days and we will refund your money without question and with the least possible delay.

Yours faithfully

Jason Albama

*Note: One final word! People aren’t anywhere nearly as interested in the thing—the product, the service or the idea—you have to sell as they are in what it will do for them. They will buy only if they can be persuaded of its benefits to them. Don’t tell their that they need what you are selling; instead, tell them what yot are offering can do for them and leave the rest to them.

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