Request Letter For Goods

approval letter for goods

Request Letter For Goods

A customer to whom goods are sent on approval must return them within the time allowed, otherwise he is presumed to have bought them and cannot afterwards compel the supplier to take them back. If he decides not to keep them, he must inform the supplier at once.
When a supplier sends for inspection goods not asked for, the customer is not obliged either to buy them or to return them, but he must take reasonable care of them until he receives the supplier’s instructions as to disposal. 

Request for goods to be sent “On approval”

12th March 2010

Dear Sirs

Subject: Request letter for goods

Several of my customers have recently expressed interest in your waterproof garments and inquired about their quality. Provided quality and price are satisfactory there are
prospects of good sales here, but before placing a firm order l should be glad if you would send me, on fourteen days’ approval, a selection of men’s and children’s waterproof raincoats and leggings. Any of the items unsold at the end of the period, and which I decide not to keep as stock, would be returned at my expense.

Yours faithfully

Paul Withingham

Note: To protect himself where he has not had previous dealings with a prospective customer, the supplier may ask him for either (i) references, (ii) a returnable deposit, or (iii) a third- party guarantee.


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