Request for quotation for crockery

request for quotation for crockeryRequest for quotation for crockery

The following is another example of a satisfactory request for a quotation. It states exactly what is wanted and covers the important points of discounts, packing delivery and terms of payment.

Request for quotation for crockery

18th April 2010

Dear Sirs

You have previously supplied us with crockery and we should be glad if you would now quote for the items named below, manufactured by the Ridgway Pottery Co of Hanley. The pattern we require is listed in your 19. catalogue as “No 59 Conway Spot (Green)”.
300 Teacups and Saucers
300 Tea Plates
40 1—litre Teapots

Prices quoted should include packing, and delivery to the above address.
When replying, please state (1) discounts allowable, (2) terms of payment, (3) earliest possible date of delivery.

Yours faithfully

Nicole Anderson

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