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reply letter for quotation | sample letter for quotationReply letter for quotation

The following reply by the seller is equally business-like. You will notice that it is sent promptly—on the day the enquiry is received. The seller’s guarantee is a strong selling-point.

Reply quotation letter

4th June 2010

Dear Sirs

We thank you for your enquiry of yesterday and, as requested, enclose sales of different qualities of paper suitable for poster work and quote as follows:

A1 quality Printing Paper, white 95p per kg
A2      do                                     90p per kg
A3      do                                     85p per kg

These prices include delivery at your works.

All these papers are of good quality and quite suitable for poster work. We guarantee that they will not discolor when pasted.

We can promise delivery within one week from receiving order and hope you will find both samples and prices satisfactory.


Yours Faithfully,


James Anderson

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