Quotations Subject to Conditions of Acceptance

Quotations to Conditions of AcceptanceSometimes a quotation is made subject to certain conditions of acceptance. These conditions vary with the circumstances and the type of business. They may relate to a stated time within which the quotation must be accepted, or to goods of which supplies are limited and cannot be repeated.

The supplier should make it clear when quoting for goods in limited supply, or when offering the same goods to more than one buyer, that he is offering them subject to their being availa ble when the order is received. The addition to his quotation of such qualifying words as the following is all that is needed.

(i) This offer is made subject to the goods being unsold when the order is received.
(ii) This offer is subject to acceptance within seven days.
(iii) The prices quoted will apply only to orders received on or before 31st March.
(iv) Goods ordered from our 19 . . catalogue can be supplied only while stocks last.
(v) These prices apply only for so long as present stocks last.
(vi) For acceptance within fourteen days.


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