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promotion letter reply | marketing letter reply Promotion letter reply

If the enquiry is from a regular customer, a direct and polite reply, with an expression of thanks, is all that is necessary. But if your reply is to an enquiry from a new source, you will naturally give it special attention, as for example:

(1) by adding a favorable comment on the goods enquired about;
(ii) by drawing attention to other products likely to be of interest.

Here is the following example of promotion letter reply:
31st August 2010

Dear Sir

We welcome your enquiry of 22nd August and thank you for your interest in our products. A copy of our illustrated catalogue is being sent to you today, with samples of some of the skins we regularly use in our manufactures. Unfortunately, we cannot send you immediately a full range of samples, but you may take it that such leathers as chamois and doeskin, not represented in the parcel, are of the same high quality.

Mr North, our overseas director, will be in Rome early next month and will be pleased to call on you. He will have with him a wide range of our manufactures and when you see them we think you will agree that the quality of the materials used and the high standard of craftsmanshipl3wil]. appeal to the most selective buyer.

We also manufacture a wide range of hand—made leather handb ags in which we think you may be interested. They are fully illustrated in the catalogue and are of the same high quality as our gloves. Mr North will be able to show you samples when he calls.

We look forward very much to the pleasure of receiving an order from you.

Yours faithfully,


Micah Anderson

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