Personal Business Letter

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Personal Business Letter

A personal business letter is written for purposing to maintain communication and relationship between colleagues or friends who personally acquainted and work with different companies. such as:  if you have a colleague from different company  who win a ward, you could write a congratulatory letter to your colleague.

Basically personal business letter can be written in typewritten and handwritten. it depend on the lengthy. if your personal business letter is too long, it is advisable to write in typewritten.

A personal business letter is written in formal tone to convey professional massage tone. A personal business letter should be written in the format of business letter. this letter usually does not insert a letter head on the top.

1. Sender’s name and address:

Address of the sender should be mentioned on page’s first line and all abbreviated words like boulevard, apartment, or street needed be out spelled which is for only formality. Blank space should not be left between date and address’ last line of sender.

2. Subject:

State the purpose of the letter.

3. Salutation:

begin the name of receiver with Mr/Ms. First as well as last should be used and then comma, title of receiver like Coordinator/Supervisor/Manager.

4. Body:

the body of letter starts on line which is blank followed by salutation. There should be a space of line between two paragraphs and body should start with opening of friendly nature and purpose of letter would follow. Purpose should be restated in last paragraph followed by a request of action.

5. Complementary close:

Use complementary close such as: ” Yours truly, ” or ” Sincerely yours”.

6. Sender’s Name: This is where your name goes, skip four spaces between the complementary closing and your typed name. Use your first and last name.After printing the letter, sign your name between the complementary close and your typed name.

7. Conclusion:

Personal business letter is more than a personal letter or note. It is assumed that you are personally typing this letter by yourself.  therefore there is no need to for typing initials.

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