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How To Address Good Envelopes?

 Envelopes Addressing The three important requirements of envelope addressing are accuracy, legibility and good appearance- in that order. The examples shown in the illustration the rules to be followed.

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How to Make Innovative Business Letter Structure?

Business Letter Structure Recently Business letters are nearly always typed. It has long been customary to set it out in the indented style, but now the blocked style has come to be much more widely used than before. because, it is claimed, it saves typing time. Business letters are consists of some principal parts that will be explained as follows:

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10 Innovative Rules for Letter Writing

Rules of Letter Writing When you write a letter and want your letter looks innovative impression, This article will guide and help you about 10 innovative rules of letter writing. Here are the following rules of good business letter:

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Business Letter Writing

Business Letter Writing Business letter writing is the principle means used by a business firm to keep in touch with its customers; often enough it is the only tone and customer form their impression of the firm the tone and quality of letters it send out. 

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Innovative Sample – Business E-Mail

Sample Business E-mail To: cc: Bcc: Subject: Special Offer of a trading with partnership with Vaganza Company and Trading. Dear Mr. Green, To celebrate Global advertising’s 25th anniversary. I am Nicholas Gonzales as the Director of Humanities of Vaganza Institute and Technology. To see how the institute can deliver more valuable to our partners aboard. Vaganza Company and Trading is an extraordinary company in which it can deliver real benefits at low cost and your company is potential for customers and members.  Therefore,  I am sure by making a partnership trading with you. our trading partnership will be profitable...


How to Write Innovative Business Letters?

Writing Business Letter   Definition of Business letters Writing Business letters are intended if you want to find out or search about a specific product or goods in business writing. for example: you order shoes, furniture, or other products for your business purposes. therefore you have to write business letter.

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Innovative Sales Letters

Sales Letters   1. The essence of persuasion The sales letter is the most selective of all forms of advertising. Unlike press and poster advertising it aims to sell particular kinds of goods or services to selected types of customers—office equipment to business houses; towel machines to hotels and factories, drugs to doctors and pharmacists. The purpose of the letter is to persuade the reader that he needs what you are trying to sell and to get him to buy it. You take something attractive and make it seem necessary, or your take something necessary and make it seem attractive....


Rejection Quotations Letter

Rejection quotations letter When a buyer rejects a quotation or other offer, he should write and thank the seller for his trouble and explain the reason for rejection. Not to do so would show a lack of courtesy. The letter of rejection should cover the following points. It should: (i) thank the seller for his offer, (ii) express regret at inability to accept, (iii) state reasons for non-acceptance, (iv) make a counter-offer’9 if, in the circumstances, it is appropriate (v) suggest that there may be other opportunities to do business together. The following are example of suitable rejection letters. a)....