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Letter of thanks for a first order

Letter of thanks for a first order 4 July 2011 123, Mandalay Bay, Singapore. Dear Sir, You will already have received formal acknowledgment of your order of 12th July, but as this is your first order with us, I feel I must write to tell you how pleased we were to receive it and to thank you for the opportunity you have given us to supply the goods you need. I hope our handling of this order will lead to further business between us and to a happy and lasting association. We shall certainly do our best to make It...

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Letter refusing a request for credit

Letter refusing a request for credit  is without causing is one of the most difficult to write. Refusal will usually be prompt by doubt about the world – be borrower’s credit standings. but the letter contains no suggestion of this. Other reason for refusal must be found and tactfully explained.

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Innovative Letter Welcoming

Letter welcoming When customers from abroad visit the supplier’s country, it is sound business practice to extend hospitality and to give what help and advice are possible. The terms of letters offering hospitality must be sincere and friendly and leave the impression that their writers are genuinely anxious to be of service.

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Letter regretting need to increase prices

Letter regretting need to increase prices   13th September 2008 From: Mariantha Cafe and Bakery management. Dear Customers, Steadily rising prices over the past few years have been a matter of coion experience and it will come to you as no surprise that our own costs have continued to rise with the general trend. Increasing world demand has been an import and factor in raising the prices of imported raw materials, of which we are large users. A recent national wages award has added to our labour costs, increased still further by constantly rising overheads.    Until now we have...

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Letter regretting an oversight

If you have made a mistake, or are in any way at fault, admit it freely and without excuses—even gratefully. It would then be difficult for a customer to continue to feel a grudge” against you.

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Innovative Supplier Letter

Innovative Supplier letter  – One of the most important things a customer looks for is a spirit of friendliness in those with whom he seeks to do business. Here is a letter that is both helpful and friendly. The writer aims to interest his prospective customer, to create in him a feeling of confidence and win his consideration and friendship—and ultimately his custom.

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Letters Promoting Good Will

 Letters Promoting Good Will One of the most important functions of the business letter is to create good will. At festival times and on such occasions as the award of an honor, a promotion, a wedding or a death, businessmen all over the world take the opportunity to send their good wishes, their congratulations or their sympathy. Such letters are appreciated’ by customers and are certainly good for business.