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Letter of condolence to a friend

Letter of condolence to a friend Dear Henry, I feel it is almost an intrusion to write to you at a time like this, but I must tell you how deeply sorry we were at the news of Margaret’s passing? She was a very dear friend and we shall greatly miss her cheerful outlook on life, her generous nature and her warmth of feeling for anyone in need of help, but above all we shall miss her for her wonderful sense of fun. Tom and I send you our love and our assurance of devoted friendship — now and always....

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Official Condolonce Letter

  Official Condolence Letter Dear Mr Dawson, I was deeply sorry to learn of Mr Mayson’s death. Coming as it did so soon after receiving your greetings card, bearing his well—known signature, the news shocked me. I well remember his love for his dog, and the sense of pride with which he always occupied the chair presented by Pitfield’s to his father and, too, his sense of fun — as when he framed a $ 10 note won from his staff in some sort of wager. These all go to show the kind of human person he was. To deal...

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Condolence And Sympathy Letters

Condolence And Sympathy Letters: Letters of condolence are among the most difficult of all letters to write. There can be no set pattern since so much depends on the writer’s relationship with the person he is writing to and how well he knows him. Nevertheless, it is safe to say that such letters should usually be short and written with restraint, for this is no time to engage in many words. The important thing is to write promptly and with sincerity. Letters of this kind should not be typed but handwritten throughout to show the writer’s special consideration for his...

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Letter Acknowledging Congratulations

Letter acknowledging congratulations – Courtesy requires that letters of congratulation should be acknowledged. In most cases in business a short, formal acknowledgment is all that is necessary. The following would be a suitable reply to the letter of congratulation, the writer very properly takes the opportunity to acknowledge his debt to colleagues who have supported him in his work.

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Letter of Congratulation upon promotion

Letter of Congratulation upon promotion – To write a letter of congratulation is one of the best ways to promote good WiFi. The occasion may be a promotion, a new appointment, the award of an honor, the establishment of a new business, success in an examination, or even a marriage or a birthday. Whatever the occasion, your letter is sure to be well received. It may be either short and formal or conversational and informal, depending on the circumstances and the relationship between you and your reader. A short, straightforward letter is usually all that is necessary.

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Letter of thanks for information received

A letter of acknowledgment is necessary when you receive information for which you have written. Letter of thanks for information received   23 June 2011 Dear Mr Webster, Thank you for your letter enclosing an account of the organization and work of your local trade association. I am very grateful for the interest you have shown in our proposal to include details of your association in the next issue of the Trade Associations Year Book and for your trouble in providing such an interesting account of your activities. Your account is sure to inspire and encourage associations in other areas....

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Letter of thanks for prompt settlement of account

Letter of thanks for prompt settlement of account. 12 July 2011 COMANY Inc. 15 Highbury Street, Altavista West, ZIP POST CODE Dear Ir Watts I must write to you to say how much we appreciate the promptness with which you have settled your accounts with us during the past year, especially as a number of them have been for very large sums. It has been of great help to us at a time when we ourselves have been faced with heavy commitments connected with the expansion of our business. We hope you will continue to give us the opport unity...

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Letter of Thanks for A Large Order

Letter of thanks for a large order 6 August 2011 145, Hamden Park, Singapore Dear Mr Usher, I just want to write to you personally to say how very much we appreciate the unusually large order you placed with us yesterday and to thank you for your continued confidence in us. We have always valued the happy working relationship that has existed over so many years between our two firms and shall do our best to maintain it. Believe me, it is a great pleasure to serve you again. Yours sincerely, Micah Anderson