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Reply For Letter Sample

Reply For Letter Sample   30th January 2010 Dear Mr Webster You asked in your letter of 25th January for some information on certificates of tax deposit. These are a new form of tax reserve certificate superseding6 tax deposit accounts which had previously replaced company tax reserve certificates. They are issued by the Inland Revenue and represent a non—transferable interest—bearing asset, which may be used to meet the payment of most taxes. They are available to tax—payers generally and earn interest at varying rates when surrendered to meet tax liabilities. Interest is at a lower rate when the certificates are...

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Enquiry Letter Sample

  Enquiry letter sample 25th January 2010 The Press Officer Bank of Maranatha Dear Sir Certificates of Tax Deposit On page 426 of the Bank’s Gazindo for January 2010 there is a reference to the issue or certificates of tax deposit. I should be grateful if you would explain to me the nature and purpose of these certificates and the difference between them and certificates of deposit. I am familiar with the latter but not with the former, and would like to make a reference to the former in a proposed new edition of my book on Commerce, published by...

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Reply For Goods From Aboard

Reply For Goods – In the following reply the manufacturer takes the opportunity to welcome a former customer. His terms leave no room for misunderstanding. He makes it quite clear, for example, that the prices quoted are for one hundred of each type of watch ordered. The c.i.f. (cost, insurance and freight) price means that it includes, in addition to the cost of the goods, the cost of transporting and insuring them until they reach Manchester. It should be noted that under a c.i..f. contract the goods become the property of the buyer as soon as they are shipped. The...

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An enquiry for goods from abroad

An enquiry for goods from abroad 8th April 2010 Dear Sirs Some years ago we bought from you a consignment of wrist watches in stainless steel cases, with unbreakable glass. We are interested to know whether you are still making watches of this type and, if so, should be glad to have particulars, including prices for quantities of not less than one hundred. We should require delivery within four weeks of order. Yours faithfully, Tony Smith

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Demonstration Requested

Demonstration Requested 2nd May 2011 Dear Sirs I have studied with interest the literature you sent me with your letter of 28th April. The typewriter and duplicators both appear to be suitable, but before placing an order I should like to see them. A demonstration would certainly help and perhaps you will suggest a day and time when I may call. I could do so any afternoon next week. Yours faithfully, Patrick Williams

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An enquiry for office equipment with demonstration

An enquiry for office equipment, with demonstration 25th April 2010.. Dear Sirs, We should be glad to know whether you supply an electric typewriter suitable for tabulating, with a carriage able to take paper up to 50 cm wide. We also require a high—speed power—operated offset duplicator. Please send us particulars of any models you recommend and can supply from stock. Yours faithfully, James Morisson  

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Reply Letter Sample for Goods

Reply Letter Sample for Goods – The following is the reply from one of them. Notice how the manufacturer tries to make a sale by drawing attention to the special claims of his product. This he does in general terms since his catalog will contain the details.

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An enquiry letter sample for goods

Enquiry letter sample for goods 10th June 2010 The Commercial Attache British Embassy BEIRUT Dear Sir, For a number of years we have imported electric shavers from the United States, but now learn that these shavers can be obtained from British manufacturers. We wish to extend our present range of models and should be glad if you could supply us with a list of British manufacturers likely to be able to help us. If you cannot supply the information from your records, could you please refer our enquiry to the appropriate quarter in London. Yours faithfully, Simon Webb This enquiry...

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How to Reply Enquiries?

Enquiries and Replies – In a routine letter of enquiry state simply, clearly and concisely what you want—general information, a catalog or price list, a sample, a quotation, an estimate and so on—and How to Reply Enquiries? no more. If there is a limit to the price at which you arc prepared to buy, don’t disclose it, otherwise your supplier may raise his quotation to the limit you mention. Since suppliers usually state their terms of payment when quoting, there is no need for you to ask for them unless you are seeking special concessions.

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Condolences Acknowledgments

Condolence acknowledgments – You will naturally wish to acknowledge letters of the kind illustrated in this section. Like the letters themselves, acknowledgments need only be short, but they must show that you are genuinely moved by the warm and convincing expressions of sympathy you have received. To relatives and close friends acknowledgment should be made to each one personally, but in other cases, especially when letters received are numerous, it will often be sufficient to have prepared a printed acknowledgment in general terms, similar to the following.