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Customer writes returning surplus

Customer writes returning surplus   4th April 2010 Dear Sirs A fortnight ago you were good enough to send me a selection of waterproof garments on approval. Quality and prices are both satisfactory and I have arranged to keep the items listed in the attached statement, amounting to a total of £292. I wish to thank you for the prompt and considerate way in which you have handled this transaction and enclose a cheque in settlement. Yours faithfully Nick Anderson  

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Suppliers asks for reference

Suppliers ask for reference 15th March 2010 Dear Sir I wish to say at once how pleased we were to receive your request of 12th March for waterproof garments on approval. As we have not previously done business together, perhaps you will kindly supply either the usual trade references, or the name of a bank to which we may refer. Then as soon as these enquiries are satisfactorily settled, we shall be happy to send you a good selection of the items you mention in your letter. We sincerely hope this, our first transaction together, will be the beginning of...

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Reply Letter For Patterns

Reply for patterns In his reply to this letter the seller seeks to obtain an immediate sale by pointing out that delay may mean higher prices. Reply 12th June 2010 Dear Sir We are obliged for your enquiry of 10th June and are pleased to enclose a wide selection of priced patterns of good and medium quality cottons, all of which we can supply from stock. Although costs have been rising steadily since last March, we have not yet raised our prices, but may have to do so. on you. Meanwhile, we enclose a copy of our price list and...

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Request Letter For Patterns

Request for patterns:  A request for a sample provides the supplier with an excellent opportunity to present his products to advantage. In the letter sent with the samples he will draw attention to their good qualities, but must be careful not to exaggerate his claims because under English law goods supplied must correspond in every respect not only with the sample submitted, but also with the description supplied with the sample.

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Request Letter For Goods

Request Letter For Goods A customer to whom goods are sent on approval must return them within the time allowed, otherwise he is presumed to have bought them and cannot afterwards compel the supplier to take them back. If he decides not to keep them, he must inform the supplier at once. When a supplier sends for inspection goods not asked for, the customer is not obliged either to buy them or to return them, but he must take reasonable care of them until he receives the supplier’s instructions as to disposal. 

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Innovative Catalog and Price List Sample

Catalog and Price List Sample Sample 1 Dear Sirs Your firm has been recommended to me by James Dickinson & Co of Bath, with whom we have done business for many years. We are interested in your card—index boxes and filing equipm ent for use in our offices and shall be glad if you will send us a copy of your catalogue and current price list. Yours faithfully Michael Jonathan Sample 2 Dear Sirs I have seen one of your safes in the office of a local firm with whom I have regular dealings and they have recommended you as...

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How to Make Good Catalog And Price List ?

Catalog and Price List Catalogs are often generously illustrated, many of them in color, and are therefore expensive to produce. To avoid the cost of reprinting each time prices change, adjustments are made in the percentage of trade discount allowed. The following are the marks of a well-prepared catalog.

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Promotion Letter Reply

Promotion letter reply If the enquiry is from a regular customer, a direct and polite reply, with an expression of thanks, is all that is necessary. But if your reply is to an enquiry from a new source, you will naturally give it special attention, as for example: (1) by adding a favorable comment on the goods enquired about; (ii) by drawing attention to other products likely to be of interest. Here is the following example of promotion letter reply:

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Innovative Textile Enquiry

Innovative textile enquiry – If your enquiry is to a supplier whom you have not previously dealt with, tell him how you obtained his name and give him some details about your own business, for example the range of goods you handle and in what quantities.