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Letter Offer Credit Accounts

Letter Offer Credit Accounts   June 20, 2008 Mr. James Morrison Vaganza Co.Ltd Liverpool. UK Dear Mr. Morrison: In reference our Credit Department has said to me that your account with us has been paid in full payment and I hope to say gratitude to you personally for the manner in which you done your payments. I am sorry that your account has been closed, because I like to do business with people who meet their obligations such as you do. My compliments to you, because your “credit is good enough,” as signified by the special privilege card enclosed. Now...

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Business Email Writing

Business Email Writing In business world e-mail is an important part of modern communication devices for executives, entrepreneurs who are working behind a computer. The presence of e-mail is very important to launch a job or is associated with the client. But due to its fast and easy often people forget the etiquette in sending e-mail especially business e-mail that is related to work. In fact, the message you wrote in an e-mail to business associates, clients, even your boss, must be different from the messages you send to your friends.

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Salary Increase Letter

Salary Increase Letter From: Nick Smith 145 Highbury Park London To: Mr. James Webb General Manager Nicole Hardware London, AR 2045 September 14, 2008 Ref: Request For Salary Increase Dear Mr James Webb, I would like to ask for a salary increase.  I was in the company for about three years now as regular relationship officer. I am only receiving minimum wage fare now. For so many times I have requested for salary increase but there is no any respond form your company. This increment can help a lot to facilitate and aid in the expenses of my family and furthermore...

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Free Warning Letter

Free warning letter Date [Company name] [Company address] Attention to [Employee name] [Company Address] [Department] Mr or Mrs. Designation. Sub. – Warning Letter Mr or Mrs. It is reported against you that, you……………………………………….. Employee No…………….have justified the following complaints levied against you. These acts as mentioned above constitute misconduct as per certified employee handbook. So that you are hereby need to give your written explanation as to why suitable action must not be taken against you for the said  misconduct. Your written explanation must reach us within 24 hours of receipt of this warning. Failing to reply will be understood...

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Advice Letter of goods ready for dispatch

Advice letter of goods ready for dispatch   Dear Sir, We are pleased to confirm that all the books which you ordered on 3rd April have now been obtained and are packed ready for dispatch. The consignment awaits collection at our warehouse and consists of two cases, each weighing about 100 kg. Arrangements for shipment, c.i.f. Singapore, have already been made with W Watson & Co Ltd, our forwarding agents. and as soon as we receive their statement of charges, we will arrange for shipping documents to be sent to you through Barclays Bank against our draft for acceptance, as...

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Request for forwarding instructions

Request for forwarding Dear Sirs We are pleased to confirm that the twelve “Universal” typewriters you ordered on 15th October are now ready for dispatch. When placing your order you stressed the importance of prompt delivery and I am glad to say that by making a special effort we have been able to improve by a few days on the delivery date agreed upon. We now await your shipping instructions and immediately we receive them will send you our advice of dispatch. Yours faithfully Thomas Lund  

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Maternity Leave letter

Maternity leave letter To, Simon Webb, HR Manager, Vaganza Company Singapore. Dear Simon, Re. Maternity Leave I am writing to convey that I am still pregnant and the baby is probably 1st June 2003 and I hope to purpose my maternity leave from the week starting from 20th May 2003. I do not take any annual leave and my annual leaves are still available to me totally and I wish to create the same to my maternity leave. I have enclosed the requisite form as per the rules for your perusal and action. I also wish to avail my full...

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Free Order Letter

Free Order Letter 3rd May 2010 Dear Sirs Thank you for your letter of 22nd April forwarding booklet with details of your range of wrist watches. We are very interested in the different types of watches you offer and have decided to place a trial order for the following, on the terms stated in your letter, but only if you can guarantee dispatch in time to reach us by the end of this month. 100 “Popular” Watches @ £12.75 each 100 “Regent” Watches @ £18.50 100 “Aristocrat” Watches @ £32.60 We place this order on the clear understanding that the...

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Sample Proposal Letter

Sample Proposal Letter   Felix Smith 1134 Highbury Park Road London, LT 33660 Dear Mr. Smith I am writing to you in conveying a new business corporation,  I have been running over the past six years. After much planning and research, the time has finally come to bring it to market. I have enclosed a detailed information with all the relevant information you will need. I am searching an investment from you for about $150,000. This number can be negotiable, but I think that amount would allow us to get started on the right time. If you have any further...