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Scholarship Letter Samples

Scholarship letter samples To: The Scholarship Selection Committee Grand Best University of Singapore Singapore May 10, 2011 Thank you for considering my application for the Scholarship selection committee. My family and I have had many opportunities for travel across the world, which is where I obtained a broad view of problems afflicting individuals, families and communities. Through volunteering I have worked with refugees, foster children, foster parents and families in contact with protective services agencies. These experiences led me to the field of social work. I am a senior in the social work program If you have any questions I...

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Sponsorship Proposal Letter

Sponsorship Proposal Letter   John Nicholas Royal finance Ltd 223 Hamilton Street London, 443 March 16th 2009 Dear Mr. Nicholas We are glad to inform you to be one of our sponsors for upcoming special event with this proposal letter. One Week Services is hosting a fundraising event for the underprivileged students in this school, and we would like royal finance’s participation in this charitable event. Other sponsors are coming in through our NGO to make sure this event run successful. We plan to improve charity funds to feed more than 150 underprivileged students. This event usually is held every...

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Credit Card Hardship Letter

Credit Card Hardship Letter   Mr. Jonathan Scott 134 Emerald street Sydney, Australia May 3, 2010 Mr. Gerrard Pique President Vaganza Bank. ST. Pitersbourgh –  Sydney, Australia Dear Mr. Pique, This letter is intended to inform my unpaid dues for my credit card last month.  I have been contacted by your company that I have outstanding dues for my credit card.  I am sorry for not being able to pay my dues last month.  My wife is still in hospital and I was still in London for business, where he has relocated, to see her.  She was in the hospital...

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Welcome Letter Sample

Welcome Letter Sample To, Peter White 13th Maranatha Tower Building Singapore 17th June 2010 Dear Mr. Withe This letter is intended to welcome you to our company  “Nathan Tour and Travel’. We are extremely proud and glad with the decision of hiring an employee as competent and experienced as you. We welcome you with warmest wishes for a successful term at the workplace and at the job position of the accounting manager. We believe you will be fit for the position.  We hope you can give good contributions and best performance in order to help us  reach the success for...

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Hotel Welcome Letter

Hotel Welcome Letter   Nature Hotel Cimahi, Bandung West Java, Indonesia 8800 Telephone No: 4777789 Fax: 223 446 Date: June 16, 2010 Subject: Welcome to Nature Hotel Dear Distinguished Guest, It is my great pleasure to welcome you to Nature Hotel on behalf of the whole staff. It gives me great immense sense of achievement and honor that you have selected our hotel amongst the variety of hotels available for your business or pleasure need. Our friendly and professional staff is committed to make certain that your stay is great comfortable and satisfactory. I would like to confirm your...

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Mortgage Hardship Letter

Mortgage hardship letter   7 June, 2010 Jimm Smith 230 Leeds UK Dear Sir, I am writing to request for my financial situation and review me if I can qualify for the Loan Modification Program. I am still in problems of getting my monthly financial because of financial difficulties that is  by a reduced income, the lost of child support income for one child besides just commencing a new job. This difficult situation is around the end of May and has been continuing till date. At times, I feel as if my situation is permanent, and will not change unless...

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Example Hardship Letter

Example hardship letter Mr Roberth Wood Elizabeth park road 1667 London March 23 2010 Mr. Lee Ryan Vaganza Loan Grup Dear Mr. Ryan I am writing this letter to convey my mortgage  dues last month.  I am a second year engineering  student who will be entering my last year in college next academic year. Since I was not able to search a part-time job over the break to be able to increase enough money for my tuition.  Last month, there was bills came up because my father fell ill and could not  work for a week.  The money I made...

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Report of damage in transit

Report of damage in transit   Dear Sirs Order No S 524 We regret to inform you that of the four cases of mohair rugs which you dispatched on 28th January one was delivered damaged. The waterproof lining was badly torn and it will be necessary to send seven of the rugs for cleaning before we can offer them for sale. Will you therefore please arrange to send replacements immediately and charge to our account. As the rugs were bought on ex works terms, we realize the responsibility for damage is ours and have already taken up the matter of...

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Free Notification Letter

Free Notification letter Dear Sir, Please note that the 25 raincoats you ordered on 15th Sept ember will be dispatched tomorrow by rail to Manchester for shipment by s.s.Manchester Trader, which leaves for Montreal on October 28th. We enclose our invoice and shall present shipping documents and our draft21 for acceptance through the Royal Bank of Canada, as agreed. We assure you that any further orders you may place with us will always be carefully attended to. Yours faithfully Mark Viduka