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Formal Proposal Letter

Formal Proposal Letter From: Darren Smith General Manager Indo Citra Corporation 288 Gazebo Street Singapore, 2208 To: Paul Ince General Manager Baskin and Robins Company 2245 A. Yani Street Green park, Singapore March 14, 2009 Ref: Proposal for an annual companies gathering Dear Mr. Ince, We would like to invite you to join  our an annual companies gathering this March 23, 2009. We know that your company is one of our loyal partner for long time therefore we invite you to visit this event This event will be held for 3 days, the first day is welcome and introduction activities...

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Job Refusal Letter

Job Refusal Letter   Wednesday, June 16, 2008 John Anderson Indo trading. Ltd Highbury Street Suite 567 London, 85245 Dear Mr Jonathan Williams, I am delighted by your offer to join Vaganza Ltd.  Although I find the position and job duties to be challenging and tailored to my abilities, I have reluctantly decided not to accept the offer as I would prefer to stay in Leeds area. It was a pleasure to meet with you and I thank you for the time you gave me. I wish yourself and Vaganza Ltd. the best in the future. Sincerely, John Anderson

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Shareholder Resolution

Shareholder Resolution Shareholders have the power to ask a resolution that increases an issue with management, and pushing changes in company practice policy. Filing a shareholder resolution also inputs an issue before all shareholders, either in writing during a proxy voting process, or given when verbally at the annual meeting of the corporation that is attended by many of the largest shareholders.

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Cancellation Letter Sample

Cancellation Letter Sample   From: James Williams Professor ELT School Boston – 40089 To: Stephen Dalmat Headmaster Al Azhar School Boston – 75234 I would like to inform you that I decide to cancel my trip to your school next week where I am going to to give a lectures to your students.The school has recently notified me that I will be attending an annual schools committee meeting  next week. as result I can not visit on the date of my scheduled to your school. I made it a point to write you immediately after I found out so that you...

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Employment Letter Sample

Employment Letter Sample   Mr. Jonathan Stewart, Rosboard Street 134, Ontario, Birmingham, E7784, England. Dear Jonathan Stewart, We decided to recruit you as an accounting manager  in our company. We really appreciate you for the skills and qualifications that you have attained. We are publishing this training employment letter so as to intimate your starting date which will be on 23th June. Before start of working, we will be offering you with a training and reward.” Your training will get started at Grand National Building, Birmingham Therefore, Mr. Hazard, the assistant general manager will guide you and will clarify all...

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Delivery Order Letter

Delivery Order Letter Subject: Order for 30 writs watches. Dear Sirs, We would like to arrange immediate shipment. But Unfortunately, we do not have enough credit information to offer you open account terms recently. If you want to receive open account terms for your next order, please provide us with the standard financial statement and bank reference. This information will be held in strictest confidence. Hoping to have a long business relationship with you. Best regards, (Name of signing authority)

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Sample Referral letter

Sample Referral letter June 24, 2009 Lary Bird Director Vaganza Medical Center Highbury, London Dear Mr. Bird, I have known Mrs. Brenda Smith for over 4 years while she was working as accounting manager in Juve Medical National Center for various capacities. I have been handling Brenda from 2005 to 2010 a role of Senior manager. During her tenure, Brenda is notable for her special skills in leading. She has shown tremendous potential in managing the company. According to my analysis Brenda is trustworthy and she will be an asset in your company if you will hire her. I wish...

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Complaints Concerning The Goods

Complaints Concerning The Goods It is the duty of the supplier to deliver goods of the kind and quality ordered. If he fails in this, you are entitled to return the unsuitable goods at the seller’s expense. You would of course inform him of your intention to return the goods. Complaint concerning wrong goods 18th August 2010 Dear Sirs On 12th August 1 ordered twelve copies of Background of Music by H Lowry at the published price of £1.25 each, less 33Z trade discount. On opening the parcel received this morning I found that it contained twelve copies of History...

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Sample Merger Letter

Sample Merger Letter Dear Mr Thomas Smith, Hi! [Thomas Smith, General Manager – Vaganza advertising company ] and [ Dwi Brianto, General Manager – Martinez advertising ] led by [ Andre cook, General Manger – Transporindo company] have currently signed a formidable three-way partnership expected to catapult a retailer as the premier office supplies in the industry today. This remarkable partnership agreement came to its conclusion after both decide a much anticipated successful restructuring deal. In light of this move, customers should now look more favorably on the new company’s larger scale. Stockholders with questions or who need assistance about...

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Transfer Letter Sample

Transfer Letter Sample   Sender and address of person who is being transferred Date: Subject: Your transfer to our Liverpool branch Dear Ms/Mr ___________ You have been an asset to the organization ever since you joined us on ________ (date of joining). Your efforts in helping increase marketing or to improve your team have always been commendable. You might be aware that our Liverpool branch in-charge is due to leave the organization on _________ (when you left the organization). According to your performance at our office branch, the management has transferred you to our Liverpool  branch with effect from ____________...