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Friendly Letter Format

Friendly Letter Format A friendly letter consists of 5 parts. 1. Heading which includes your street address (line 1), the town or city, state and zip code (line 2) then the date (line 3). 2. Greeting and salutation which begins Dear or Hi_____________, 3. Body of the letter  which contains your thoughts and ideas. 4. Closing usually ends which looks like this:           Yours truly,           Your friend,           Love,           Sincerely,           Sincerely yours, 5. Signature: You have to sign this letter at the end of letter writing. you sign in with black or blue ink pen.

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Customer Appreciation Letter

Customer Appreciation Letter From; Steven Hill 224 National park road London. To: The management of Citraindo company 335 Higland road London. I want to take this time to commend two of your employees for customer service that stand out above all others that I have death with. First one would be Eric Perez. I went to about five pump companies and gave them my phone number and told them that I wished to purchased a pump to for my new well. I told them a constant pressure pump and they advised against it  saying they were too complicated and no...

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Top 5 Cover Letter Tips

Cover Letter Tips Many companies are looking at the cover letter as the most important part of your application documents. Therefore it is important for you to write a good cover letter. A variety of tips below will help you. Never Hand-write Cover Letters: Always remember to word process your cover letter. If you don’t have a computer and printer, then please visit your local library, school or friend. Hand written cover letters look unprofessional and are outdated. Check for Spelling, Grammatical or Typographical Errors:  Covering Letters that are many of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors mean to employers that...

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Hardship Letter

Hardship Letter Hardship letters are usually written when you are not able to pay a thing towards your bank loan or credit card company. It is a request to reschedule your payment. It is also written to the medical authorities for medical aid and to colleges and schools for reduction of fees due to some kind of hardship. Hardship letter must clearly explain your difficulty situation and your hardship therefore the reader understands your problem. It should also provide the necessary documents like the Bank statements, income tax statements, letters etc. When you write a hardship letter you should make...

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Free Transfer Letter

Free Transfer Letter Gabriel Kross Darwin Emerald 342 London 25 June 2011 Dear Michael Molls, SUBJECT: Your Transfer to Liverpool branch This is to inform you that we have decided to transfer you to our office branch. It is effective July 1 2011. This is because we need a senior staff to mentor our new employees in the branch and we believe that you are the best candidate. The term of your assignment will depend on the development of the trainees’ skills and how soon can the quality assurance department let the trainees work on their own. We will be...

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Job Transfer Letter

Job Transfer Letter   15 June 2010 Thomas Anderson Highbury park land 334 London Subject: Job transfer letter Dear Mr Kelly Petterson, I am writing to you at head office to request a job transfer, my current position as accounting staff. I wish to relocate to the District of colombus area. In order to be nearer to my family, and I am informed that you are short staffed in the said area. I would therefore appreciate an job transfer, to a position of equal standing. Please consider my application carefully, as I feel that I would also like to transfer...

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Business Closing Letter

Business Closing Letter   14 March 2009 Mr Raymond Villa 16 Central Avenue – London Dear Mr Villa, As you might be know, Flanella company is closing down on 23 February 2009 There will be no further orders placed other than those already placed.Over the next 30 days there will be a review of our accounting records and outstanding invoices, if any, shall be paid up. If we haven’t already contacted you to confirm the current balance, then we shall do so as soon as possible and all arrangement shall also be done for the resolution of any outstanding issues....

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Loan Hardship Letter

Loan Hardship Letter   Mr Nick Van Excel Veledrome Highland 225 London Mr Julio Lopez. Martenity Loans Group Highbury Street 4778 London Dear Mr Julio Lopez, I am writing to inform you that I can not pay the rest of my loan this month as set in my loan payment schedule. Unfortunately, I am not good in health early this month and had to be stayed at the hospital for at least three weeks. I had to pay a considerable amount for hospital bills. Aside from this, I was not able to open my cafe and I was not able...

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Letter to Employer

Letter to Employer   14 June 2008 Mr Alexander Smith Highbury Park 114 – London. Re: unpaid wages Dear Mr Alexander Smith: I am writing in reference to my paycheck. I was hired by your company on 15 March 2006. I was to be paid a rate of $ 15.000. I worked for 12 hours per day, and 72 hours per week. My last day of work was 10 June 2008. I have not received a check for 24 hours. I worked those hours between 20 March – 22 March 2008 – I calculate the amount of wages owed to...

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Dismissal Letter Sample

Dismissal Letter Sample From: Henry Smith, Chief Administrative Officer, Victory Industries, 2245 London, NK 5578 To: Mr. Frank Kidd, Accounting Officer, Transport Unit, Victory Industries, 2245 London, NK 5578 20th June 2009. Dear Mr. Frank Kidd, SUMMARY: DISMISSAL LETTER On behalf of the board and management of Victory Industries, I wish to inform you that you have been dismissed from your position as a Accounting Officer with the organization. Henceforth, you cease to be a worker for Victory Industries and you are expected to hand over all the company’s property and effects in your possession. However, it will not be...