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Writing a Resignation Letter

Writing a Resignation Letter Writing a resignation letter is a reason for the resignation and petition you would wrote with polite language and ethical. Basically people will also write an impression and message for working against the company that he had left. How to Using a letter of resignation in addition to keeping good relations, It is also  you can get recommendations for the work that has been done in the company that will be abandoned.make a good resignation letter should pay attention to the language used. 

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Invoicing and Settlement of Accounts

Invoicing and Settlement of Accounts Payment of the amount owing for goods supplied or services rendered is the final stage in a business transaction. Transactions in the retail trade are usually for cash; in wholesale and foreign trade it is customary to allow credit. INVOICES AND ADJUSTMENTS When goods are supplied on credit, the seller sends an invoice to the buyer. It serves the following purposes: (I)  it informs the buyer of the amount due; (ii) it enables him to check the goods delivered; (iii) it is the source of entry in his purchases day book. The invoice communicates a...

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Letter Appointing Arbitrator

Letter Appointing Arbitrator   Viktor Petrovic & Co LUSAKA Dear Sirs We are having some difficulty with Messrs J Marevna, Lusaka, concerning a consignment of cotton textiles shipped to them last January. They input the quality of the textiles supplied and decline   to pay the account until there has been an investigation. We should be grateful if you would act as arbitrator for us in this matter. You will find details in the enclosed statement. Our main contention is that a comparison between samples and consignment does not show any variation in quality outs ide the permitted limits. We have...

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Order cancellation through delay in delivery

Order cancellation through delay in delivery   Dear Sirs If you will refer to our order, No 8546 of 18th August, you will find that we stressed the importance of delivery by 4th October at the very latest. We have already written to you twice reminding you of the importance of prompt delivery, but as you have failed to make delivery On time you leave us with no choice but to cancel the order. We do this with the deepest regret, but as the goods were required for shipment abroad and as the boat by which they were to be...

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How To Cancel an Order?

Cancel an order A buyer is legally entitled to cancel his order: (i) at any time before it has been accepted by the seller (see p. 127); (ii) if the goods delivered are of the wrong type or quality (as where they do not conform to sample); (iii) if the goods are not delivered by the stated time (or within a reasonable time if no delivery date has been fixed); (iv) if more, or less, than the quantity ordered is delivered; (v) if the goods arrive damaged (but only where transportation is the seller’s responsibility). Unless the contract provides otherwise,...

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How to write Order Letter?

How to write order letter? Order letter is one type of business letter,  When we do order to the company partners or suppliers, we certainly are required to send either via fax, email or Postal Mail, This letter will be used the supplier to find out in detail about any items that our message. This is useful for troubleshooting in producing the order. In addition, the order will also use them as files and for the accounting or  finance. This Order Letter would be evidence of financial reporting transactions. In the order letter should contain clearly the kind of stuff...

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Sample customer complains to manager

Sample customer complains to manager The customer received no acknowledgment of this letter, nor was the recorder returned. After waiting for a further two weeks, frustrated and very angry, he decided to complain personally to the manager

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Complaint concerning damaged goods

Complaint concerning damaged goods 10th January 2010 Dear Sirs Our Order No R 569 The eighty—six L.P.s we ordered on 3rd January were delivered yesterday, but I regret that eight of them were badly scratched. The package containing the records appeared to be in perfect condition and I accepted and signed for it without question. I unpacked the records myself with great care and can only assume that the damage must be due to careless handling at some stage prior to6 packing. With this letter I am sending the title labels from the damaged records and shall be glad if...

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Writing a Complaint Letter

Writing a Complaint Letter Letters relating to complaints call for the utmost tact and restraint by both parties. Many complaints are genuine and must be taken up with the suppliers:

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Formal Complaint Letter

Formal Complaint Letter If the goods wrongly sent have been bought from another country, their return to the supplier could be a costly business. As the expense would be borne by the supplier, the buyer should first find out the wishes of the supplier, who may be able to dispose of the goods to another person in the buyer’s country.