Loan Hardship Letter

loan hardship letter |  hardship letter sample Loan Hardship Letter


Mr Nick Van Excel

Veledrome Highland 225


Mr Julio Lopez.

Martenity Loans Group

Highbury Street 4778


Dear Mr Julio Lopez,

I am writing to inform you that I can not pay the rest of my loan this month as set in my loan payment schedule. Unfortunately, I am not good in health early this month and had to be stayed at the hospital for at least three weeks. I had to pay a considerable amount for hospital bills. Aside from this, I was not able to open my cafe and I was not able to earn enough to come up with the needed amount to repay my loan.

I hope that your company will understand the hardship that I am experiencing at the moment and give me consideration for my loan payment. I will be paying half of the amount and will ensure that I will be able to pay my loan fully next month.
Thank you and I hope for your favorable response.


Mr Nick Van Excel

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