Letter regretting need to increase prices

regretting letter sample
Letter regretting need to increase prices


13th September 2008


Mariantha Cafe and Bakery management.

Dear Customers,

Steadily rising prices over the past few years have been a matter of coion experience and it will come to you as no surprise that our own costs have continued to rise with the general trend. Increasing world demand has been an import and factor in raising the prices of imported raw materials, of which we are large users. A recent national wages award has added to our labour costs, increased still further by constantly rising overheads. 


Until now we have been able to rising costs by economies in other directions, but now find that we can no longer do so. Increases in our prices are therefore unavoidable. The new prices will come into force on 1st October and revised price lists are now being prepared. As soon as they are ready we shall be sending copies to all our customers.

We can only say now how sorry we are that these increases should have been forced upon us, but we can assure you that they will not amount to an average of more than about five per cent. As general prices have risen by nearly ten per cent since the last previous issue of our price list, we hope you will not feel that our own increases are Unreasonable.

Yours faithfully,


Mariantha Cafe and Bakery management



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