Letter of Congratulation upon promotion

congratulation letter upon promotion | Letter of Congratulation for Promotion  Letter of Congratulation upon promotion – To write a letter of congratulation is one of the best ways to promote good WiFi. The occasion may be a promotion, a new appointment, the award of an honor, the establishment of a new business, success in an examination, or even a marriage or a birthday. Whatever the occasion, your letter is sure to be well received. It may be either short and formal or conversational and informal, depending on the circumstances and the relationship between you and your reader. A short, straightforward letter is usually all that is necessary.

Here is an example of Letter of congratulation upon a promotion: 

Michael Dawson
Finance Manager Officer
General Motor
Highbury Park- Chicago
United States
(445) 556990

June 10, 2011

Jason Roberts
The Board of Electrical Industries Ltd.
Electrical Industries Ltd.
2100. Mercury Road
ST. James Park – Boston
United States
(223) 444325

Dear Mr Roberts

I am writing to convey my warm congratulations on your appointment to the Board of Electrical Industries Ltd.
My fellow directors and I are delighted that the many years of service you have given to your Company should at last
have been rewarded in this way and we join in sending you our very best wishes for the future.

Yours sincerely,

Michael Dawson

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