Letter of appointment

letter of appointment | sample letter of appointment

letter of appointment

Letter of appointment is one of essential type of business correspondence. It is a legal document which contains a written employment contract between someone who agree to work in your organization and your organization that agree to employee someone. Generally  after the selected candidate  get a document from HR of company that contains date of joining, compensation package. and so on . Where the final decision  arrive from the HR, the HR issues the salary structure and employment to the candidate includes all the benefits of the candidate will be discussed such as: Insurance, working hours, salary or so on. This letter has to be to the point, professional, formal and simple.

Sample letter of appointment.

Mizuki Maeda

Tokyo, Japan

Dear Mrs Maeda,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been selected for the position of accounting manager at Transporindo Company. We had many qualified candidates, but you seemed to be the best fit for our growing organization.

Your job appointment will begin on Monday, March 23th at 8am. You will receive the salary of $55.000 per annum, along with any possible bonuses. You will be given one month of paid leave per year, and will have the use of a company car!

We look forward to hearing back from you to accept this position!


Transporindo Company

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