Letter enclosing payment

letter enclosing payment | email enclosing payment | form enclosing paymentLetter enclosing payment and acknowledgment

Every business has a good deal of correspondence that is purely routine. Letters enclosing or acknowledging payments are of this kind. They often take a standard form suitable for all occasions and are therefore known as “Form letters”.

Letter enclosing payment (and acknowledgment) sample

Dear Sirs

We have pleasure in enclosing our cheque (bill, draft, etc.)
in full settlement (part payment) of your statement (invoice) dated
Will you please send us your receipt (i.e. if a receipt is required).

Yours faithfully

(b) Acknowledgement (if a receipt is required)

Dear Sirs

Thank you for your letter of … enclosing cheque (bill, draft, etc.) for £… in full settlement (part payment) of our statement of account (invoice) dated…. We are pleased to enclose our official receipt.

Yours faithfully


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