Letter Appointing Arbitrator

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Letter Appointing Arbitrator


Viktor Petrovic & Co


Dear Sirs

We are having some difficulty with Messrs J Marevna, Lusaka, concerning a consignment of cotton textiles shipped to them last January. They input the quality of the textiles supplied and decline   to pay the account until there has been an investigation. We should be grateful if you would act as arbitrator for us in this matter. You will find details in the enclosed statement.

Our main contention is that a comparison between samples and consignment does not show any variation in quality outs ide the permitted limits. We have already consulted a reputable and well—known manufacturer, who supports our contention. We therefore feel that our customer’s object ion is unreasonable, and perhap8 raised in order to obtain a reduction in the contract price.

Our contract with the customer provides that he must inform our own arbitrator of the name of his arbitrator within seven days, and that the arbitrator uiist be a member of the Lusaka Chamber of Commerce.

We hope you will agree to act for us in this matter and come to an understanding with our customer’s arbitrator so that reference to an umpire will be unnecessary.

Yours faithfully

Mario Gomez

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