Inquiry Letter For Calculation

inquiry letter for calculation sampleInquiry Letter For Calculation

(Letter Head)
Date: …………………
The Proprietor
Wimbledon Rd
Manchester 49032

Dear Sir,
Enclosed is a copy of our old Brochure – COO AUDIO & VIDEO SYSTEMS. We would like to have an estimate from your firm on the printing of a new one, if you are equipped to do the job. Except for the cover design, there will be few changes in the contents. The job will include collating and binding; but we will furnish camera ready copy.
The enclosed brochure was printed in single colour, but we need at least 50% of the copies in two colours. Our total requirement at present is 5,000 copies. We may place another order for 5,000 copies three months later, provided we are satisfied with the job, and also if the rates are reasonable.
Please give us your estimates on 2,500 copies in single colour and 2,500 copies in two colours; as also 5,000 copies in single colour and
5,000 copies in two colours.
We would like to have your reply as early as possible.

Yours sincerely,

David Robert
Advertising Manager

THANK YOU FOR VISIT inquiry letter for calculation

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