Innovative Textile Enquiry

Innovative textile enquiry – If your enquiry is to a supplier whom you have not previously dealt with, tell him how you obtained his name and give him some details about your own business, for example the range of goods you handle and in what quantities. The following sample of Innovative textile enquiry
innovative textile enquiry | innovative garment enquiry

15th January 2010

Dear Sirs

Messrs Armstrong & Smith of Sheffield inform us that you are manufacturers of polyester cotton bed—sheets and pillow cases. We would like you to send us details of your various ranges, including sizes, colours and prices, and also samples of the different qualities of material used.

We are large dealers in textiles and believe there is a promising market in our area for moderately priced goods of the kind mentioned.

When replying, please state terms of payment and discounts you would allow on purchases of quantities of not less than five hundred of individual items.Prices quoted should include delivery at the above address.

Yours faithfully

Roger Smith

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