Innovative Supplier Letter

Innovative Supplier letter  – One of the most important things a customer looks for is a spirit of friendliness in those with whom he seeks to do business. Here is a letter that is both helpful and friendly. The writer aims to interest his prospective customer, to create in him a feeling of confidence and win his consideration and friendship—and ultimately his custom.

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Innovative Supplier letter sample with a friendly tone

October 25th, 2011

Frank Jenas

XXX company

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your letter of 12th October. We are pleased to enclose the catalogue and price list you ask for. The catalogue is our latest and in its preparation neither trouble nor expense has been spared to make it both attractive and informative. Inside the front cover you will find particulars of our trade discounts.

May we suggest that the next time you are in Bristol you should allow us to show you over our factory, where you would see for yourself the high quality of materials and workmanship put into our products. It would also enable you to become acquainted with all that is latest in fancy leather goods and to return with interesting and useful information for your customers.

If we can be of service in any way, you may rest assured of our interest and help if you care to use it.

Yours faithfully,

Lee Roberth

XXX company



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