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When customers from abroad visit the supplier’s country, it is sound business practice to extend hospitality and to give what help and advice are possible. The terms of letters offering hospitality must be sincere and friendly and leave the impression that their writers are genuinely anxious to be of service.

Here is sample of Letter welcoming visitor from aboard.

12th May 2009

Dear Mr Brandon

It was a pleasure to receive your letter of 24th April and to learn that you are making plans for your Mr Ceiling to visit this country next July. We shall be very happy to welcome him and to do all we can to make his visit both enjoyable and successful.

I gather this will be Mr Ceiling’s first visit to England, in which case he will no doubt wish to see some of our principal places of interest. A suitable programme is something we can discuss when he arrives. If he so wishes we can also introduce him to several firms with whom you may like to do business.

When the date of Mr Ceiling’s visit is settled, please let me know the time of his arrival here. I will then arrange to meet him at the airport and drive him to his hotel. You may be sure he will have a warm welcome.

Yours sincerely,

Michael Chang

Finance Manager

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