How to Write Innovative Business Letters?

Writing Business LetterWriting Business Letter


Definition of Business letters

Writing Business letters are intended if you want to find out or search about a specific product or goods in business writing. for example: you order shoes, furniture, or other products for your business purposes. therefore you have to write business letter. This method is usually used in writing business letters. for example: if you want to find out the quality, price or when such articles can you receive. You can also ask at any time implementation and requirements if you buy such items.

When writing business letters, you have to write your company name, address and the date of writing the letter.  Writing business letters or formal letter, we have to use the standard methods in the writing of Business English.

How to write a innovative business letters? here are the following innovative steps:

1. Plan before You write.

The best way that you need before you start in writing business letters. Almost from point to point that You want to create, and arrange with the systematic.

2. Use a standard language.

In writing business letters to make it become more innovative, You have to choose words in standard or general language. Avoid using jargon words like guns (not to), hopefully, etc. Although it sounds popular yet memorable less polite to represent an institution.

3. Subject of the Letter Represents the content.

Choose a subject letter that is able to represent the entire contents of the letter. So that others can immediately be understood it by the reader.

4. The Opening Letter should be polite .

In writing¬† a business letter, don’t forget to express polite expression in opening letter. this letter correspondence is used in over the world. But also don’t be too slow so that it obscures the main content of your business letters. Use a polite opening letter.

4. Concise and Clear Contents

The easier way to understand contents of the letter, it is better of Keeping sentences and paragraphs short and simple format.

  1. Use words that do not have a double meaning in order to avoid misunderstandings.
  2. Ask a question directly.
  3. Rewrite each sentence that is not seem clear.
  4. If the recipient is not a Native Speaker, it is better to use a word or a generic term in order not complicated

5. Be Professional

If you write business letter to the costumer or consumer, do not use emotional expression in writing business letter. The tone should be positive and polite but firm. You can also express the problem or dissatisfaction with the product or service. Remember do use rude actions.

6. the concept of Business letter based on the letter categories.

Business letters are essentially the same between each other. But it will be good if You could have grouped on the basis of its, such as business letters, request letter, letter of invitation, application letter, credit letter etc.

Hopefully, Wish you enjoy writing business letters. :)



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