Hardship Letter

hardship letter | letter of hardship

Hardship Letter

Hardship letters are usually written when you are not able to pay a thing towards your bank loan or credit card company. It is a request to reschedule your payment. It is also written to the medical authorities for medical aid and to colleges and schools for reduction of fees due to some kind of hardship.

Hardship letter must clearly explain your difficulty situation and your hardship therefore the reader understands your problem. It should also provide the necessary documents like the Bank statements, income tax statements, letters etc. When you write a hardship letter you should make it convincing and provide proper your hardship.

Hardship letter should clearly mention what the readers you are expecting to do or what steps can be taken to help you solve your difficulty situation. It should explain that the resolution would help you to a great extent to solve of the situation. The hardship letter should be emotional and requesting for help and with convincing statements that express the pain and suffering you are going through.The reader should feel the depth of the situation and should be able to act to that. It’s necessary to thank the person, as it’s an obligation to their time, so express gratitude to the reader for their time and effort.

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