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Formal Letter Template

When you write formal letter template one thing you have to know is the difference of informal letter and formal letter. The informal letter usually is used when we talk about personal situation for example: it is using in friendly letter, thank you letter, and so on. Meanwhile formal letter template is used when we talk about in formal situation such as language, format, and tones. it is usually used in application letter for job, resignation letter, and so on.

when you write formal letter template the most important thing is a good layout of letter, It shows that you are able to create a professional, clear, simple and direct to the point.

Here are the rules of writing formal letter

1. Header: In header you have to state of address of sender and recipients.  In sender you have to write in the letter’s top right hand corner. Meanwhile recipient is written on left portion of the letter below on the sender address.

2. Greeting and salutation: Basically used are ” Dear Sir or Madam,” if you do not personally know the name of the person you are writing to though it is much preferable to find out the name. You can also use “Dear Mr. (name),” if you know the name of the person. You can also use other titles such as Mrs, Mr, Miss, Dr, Ronald, and many others. After the title, write only the surname of the person you are writing to. If you do not know whether a woman is using Miss or Mrs, use the title “Ms” for it is referred for both single and married women.

3. Body of the letter:  in this section you have to give the detail of your idea. The paragraph should be brief and direct to the point. Tell why you are write the letter, whether it is complaint, request or just giving information.  to make it good structure. concentrate on essential information. Do not write too long information.

4. Footer:  In this section you have to write “Yours Faithfully” is used when you do not know the name of the person. Use the term “Yours Sincerely” when you know the person’s name. Place the signature over the printed name. If the person whom you are writing to does not know your gender, insert your title along with brackets after your printed name.


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