Formal Complaint Letter

formal complaint letter | sample complaint letter | free complaint letterFormal Complaint Letter

If the goods wrongly sent have been bought from another country, their return to the supplier could be a costly business. As the expense would be borne by the supplier, the buyer should first find out the wishes of the supplier, who may be able to dispose of the goods to another person in the buyer’s country. 

Sample formal complaint letter. 

The tone of the following firm, but polite, and in the final paragraph the writer displays an attitude of considerate co-operation.

2nd May 2010

Dear Sirs

After carefully examining the dress materials supplied to our order of 15th April, we must express surprise and disappointment at their quality. They certainly do not match the samples you sent us. Some of them are so poor that we cannot help feeling there must have been some mistake in making up the order.

The materials are quite unsuited to the needs of our Customers and we have no choice but to ask you to take them back and replace them by materials of the quality ordered. If this is not possible, then I am afraid we shall have to ask you to cancel our order.

We have no wish to embarrass you and if you can replace the materials we are prepared to allow the stated time for delivery to run from the date you confirm that you can supply the materials we need.

Yours faithfully



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