Eviction Letter Template

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Eviction Letter Template

An eviction letter is simply a letter which is given by a landlord and used to evict a renter from his property. The reason of writing eviction letter is could be either for not paying the rent or violating the contract. For your further explanation now, I will give an example of eviction letter. here is the following of sample eviction letter:

Sample Eviction Letter
Tenant Address, and Your address.


You are hereby given notice that the undersigned is terminating your tenancy of the premises located at ADDRESS , where you are a tenant from month to month under the lease dated DATE OF LEASE CONTRACT, between LANDLORD NAME as landlord and TENANT NAME as tenant. This termination is to be effective on END DATE. You must continue to pay rent until this date.

You are required to vacate and surrender possession of the premises to the undersigned on or before the above date, free of all occupants and personal possessions. Upon termination, the security deposit in the amount of SECURITY DEPOSIT AMOUNT, or any remaining balance, will be returned to you after being used to repair any damage to the premises and otherwise applied according to law.

If you fail to vacate the premises by the above date, the undersigned may commence eviction proceedings against you and/or exercise other available rights and remedies under the law.

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.

Very truly yours,

Address of Landlord
Witness:…………………………… Witness:………………………………

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